Link Of The Week: Brighton Christmas lights

First published in December 2012

Brighton Lights

RECOMMENDED LINK | Digital | Viral Videos: Yes, this is a hoax, but pretend you don’t know that and enjoy the idea that the man charged with the task of putting up the Christmas lights in Brighton this year got his own back on bosses by subtlety including some rude images and messages in with the festive fun and flashing bulbs (I suppose I should add a mild NSFW warning here!).

A council rep has told Brighton paper The Argus that local businesses, not the local authority, pay for Christmas lights in the city, and that the video has been created to create a little buzz around Brighton’s Christmas shopping season. Said the spokesman: “The video is a creative spoof, but it is making people smile and getting thousands of people talking about Brighton and Hove in the run up to Christmas. That has got to be good news for the city and good news for its traders”.

And looking at the social networks this morning, if chatter about Brighton city centre is what the video’s makers wanted, they’ve definitely succeeded. Here is the video…