Link Of The Week: The smash and grab ad

First published in January 2013

Reserva Ad

RECOMMENDED LINK | Marketing Comms | Advertising: A fashion designer in Brazil has included CCTV footage of a gang burgling his shop in São Paulo in a new online promotional video. Thieves are seen smashing and grabbing in the ad that features a raid on Reserva’s store believed to have taken place late last year.

Set to a noisy soundtrack, the footage is accompanied by slogans like: “It’s not necessary to break the window. Just come in! Inventory clearance: up to 40% off”.

Speaking about the unusual promo video, Reserva’s Rony Meisler told O Globo newspaper: “They stole my clothes and we stole their image. Complaining gets you nowhere, business is about doing things. Rather than suck lemons, it is better to make lemonade with them”.