Storify revamps site

First published in November 2012


NEWS-BITE | Digital | Social Media: Storify, the digital platform that enables users to collate bits of media, content and Tweets on related topics from across the internet and present them in one place, has revamped its own website, seemingly in a bid to make itself an online destination.

Media, brands and individuals have all made use of Storify since its launch last year, some to bring together tweets and posts from many people on one topic, others to show how a Twitter conversation developed, others still to simply collate their own online messages into one place, for example so that every tweet from a conference or event can be subsequently seen on one web page.

Many of the media and brands making use of Storify like the way the service lets them embed the bits n pieces they have collated into one frame on their own websites.

However, according to Mashable, the recent changes suggest that the Storify company would like to encourage more users to access collated stories via its own site, presumably to create traffic that could be monestised through advertising. Certainly the revamped Storify site makes it easier for people who arrive their direct to navigate collated stories stored on the platform, with more sophisticated search and a trending topics bar.

Though the digital start-up told Mashable that it had no plans to stop users embedding stories onto their own sites if they prefer. Of course for ventures like Storify, offering useful social media type functionality for free, the challenge is deciding whether you have a good enough service that you could start charging more prolific users, or whether building a community and going the ad-funded route is a better idea.