Thursday February 16th, 2012 12:54

How chatty when you tweet?

London Midland

RECOMMENDED LINK | Digital | Social Media: Any company which has decided to use social media as a routine customer communication platform is having to work out what constraints should be put on those in charge of the tweets – after all, most messages will be in the public domain even if they are directed at one specific customer.

It’s tempting to provide your in-house tweeter with pre-prepared cleared statements to cover all eventualities, though all research shows that customers respond much more positively if it’s obviously a chatty human being at the other end of the twit-line, and not someone regurgitating corporate speak.

Which means opinion was divided by recent tweets by London Midland railways, after a suicide caused widespread delays on one of their lines. The Twitter messages in question weren’t outwardly offensive, but some felt they were too informal given the circumstances.

But Forbes contributor Tim Worstall reckons the rail firm’s tweeter-in-chief was right to issue the informal instruction “go to the pub – things will be rubbish for at least the next hour” and the chatty observation “can’t stop someone jumping off a platform in front of a train I’m afraid”, rather than something more obviously crafted by a corporate statement machine. See what you think after reading Tim’s article here.

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