Thinking social with crisis planning

First published in December 2012

Social Crisis

RECOMMENDED LINK | PR | Crisis: In a year when public outrage on the social networks – usually picked up on by conventional media and the political community – has caused tangible damage to a number of companies and brands, most communication directors and business leaders would surely now agree that social media strategy is not just about offering discount coupons via a Facebook profile. And even companies for which a prolific Twitter presence isn’t appropriate need to be in tune with the social networks as part of their reputation management strategy.

One issue is that the people managing social media activity for companies on a day-to-day basis may not be equipped or empowered to stop and deal with online criticism that could grow into a bigger reputation issue. To that end, freelance Social Media Manager Kasio Martin has provided Social Media Today with some useful tips for senior PRs and crisis management experts on how to plan today for online reputation threats tomorrow, ensuring that those on the digital frontline are able to spot potential problems, and are able to connect with decision makers when required. It’s a good read.