Tumblr steps up its music activity

First published in February 2013


Tumblr, one of the social media platforms that has seen considerable growth in the last eighteen months, especially amongst younger social networkers, is stepping up its music activity.

According to a blog post last week, it will launch a new #music tag page for users to follow which will highlight music-related content, including tracks, videos, artwork and photos, being prolifically shared by Tumblr users, with a team of about twenty editors filtering what should be highlighted, so that it has a discovery element rather than just being a ‘most shared’ chart.

For music PRs with a social media remit Tumblr has become an increasingly important part of the mix, especially in the urban and pop genres, with both artists and fans liking the flexibility it offers in terms of look and feel, and the way it combines elements of blogging and sharing platforms.

Tumblr has also launched a new music-specific blog of its own (on which the aforementioned post appeared) that will report on “everything that is going on with music” on the platform, including “product announcements, new bands and blogs to follow, tips for artists and music bloggers, and shout outs to unique posts we find on Tumblr”.