Work Tips: Will writing a blog help your career?

First published in October 2012


When I’m not wearing my esPResso hat, I’m teaching graduates as part of the Taylor Bennett Foundation programme. Our programme is designed to help graduates understand the communications industry and equip them with the necessary skills to embark on a successful career in PR.

One of the many tasks these graduates are given is to create and maintain a blog. You may think that blogging is a bit 2006, but it’s still a great way to get your writing published and to build a name for yourself as an expert in your field. Our grads are encouraged to write a quick round up of news stories from the papers, and to publish their opinions on pieces that have appeared in industry media.

By asking that they write these pieces weekly it ensures that they are taking an interest in the business they hope to work in, and are starting to form opinions about industry issues. It also means they get to practice their writing skills, and because they are published publicly online, they are super careful about their spelling and grammar, which improves their proof reading skills.

In order to drive traffic to their blogs, we point them in the direction of other PR bloggers and encourage them to comment on their posts. So before they have even started to apply for jobs, they are raising their personal profile online and making other industry professionals aware of who they are. All that, even without leaving our office.

So, is blogging just for recent grads or could it help your career? Improving your writing skills, establishing yourself as an industry commentator and raising your profile among other industry professionals are all good reasons for PR professionals at all levels to be blogging regularly, and as there is a huge array of free blogging platforms these days it will cost you nothing but time and a bit of effort. You don’t have much to lose by giving it a go.